Gary Ingram from The Diamond Store

Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems talks to Gary Ingram from The Diamond Store (

Podcast host Shaun Ryan, and Ingram discussed how to bring the benefits of real-world shopping experiences into the online world, especially for touch-and-feel products such as jewelry.

The Diamond Store sells diamond and precious-gem jewelry, with a good portion of its business devoted to engagement and wedding rings. Since many people may be buying jewelry as a gift, The Diamond Store ships elaborate gift packaging and presentation folders along with purchases.

Ingram states that it’s challenging to give shoppers a comfort level with what is generally an expensive purchase. The website offers 3D images that can be rotated as needed, so buyers can experience the product as realistically as possible.

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Transcript: Gary Ingram from The Diamond Store

Length 23 mins and 38 secs.

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