Mike Feiman from PoolDawg

Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems talks to Mike Feiman from PoolDawg (www.pooldawg.com/).

Podcast host Shaun Ryan, and Feiman discuss how the online and catalog retailer of pool cues, billiards tables and accessories is using social media to connect with customers – including a blog that’s “written” by Pooldawg’s ceramic bulldog mascot Frank.

Feiman explains that the “Frank’s Dawg House” blog (which Feiman himself writes) is a key part of the retailer’s social media strategy, and has attracted quite a following.

PoolDawg also operates a Facebook fan page, currently with almost 600 fans, and a Twitter feed. Both the Facebook fan page and Twitter feed alert fans to interesting news articles about the game of pool, as well as sales and promotions at the PoolDawg site.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Transcript: Mike Feiman from PoolDawg

Length 18 mins and 38 secs.

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