Ian MacDonald from Century Novelty

Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems talks to Ian MacDonald from Century Novelty (http://www.centurynovelty.com/).

Transcript: Ian MacDonald from Century Novelty

Length 29 mins and 31 secs.

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  1. Interview with Ian MacDonald from Century Novelty : SLI Systems Blog Says:

    […] we released a podcast interview with our customer Ian MacDonald from Century Novelty. During this interview Ian talks about how he started off as a stock boy while he was at school and […]

  2. No results page : SLI Systems Blog Says:

    […] We report on the search terms that have no results. Often this is caused by your visitors using different language than you use on your site. This can be remedied by either using that language on your site or adding synonyms. It can also indicate products/information that your visitors expect you to have that you don’t carry. You can use this information to help expand your product lines – based on what your visitors are asking for. Ian MacDonald from Century Novelty talks about doing this in this interview […]

  3. Attend to ‘No Results’ Pages and Improve Your Customers’ On-site Experience : SLI Systems Newsletter Says:

    […] Expand your Product Lines.  Sometimes No Results pages come up simply because you don’t carry the item(s) your visitors seek.  So you can use this data to help determine what products to add to your offerings, which can only help you increase sales.  Ian MacDonald from SLI customer Century Novelty talks about doing this in this EcommercePodcast interview. […]

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