George Michie from The Rimm Kaufman Group

In this episode of the Ecommerce Podcast, host Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems, interviews George Michie, CEO of The Rimm Kaufman Group, provider of data-driven online marketing solutions to online businesses.

George discusses the challenges with attribution for multichannel companies and how they can handle some of those complicated online and offline interactions. He also touches on the value of knowing the products with higher margins and how it will pay off to be more aggressive with paid search ads for those products over others.

Tune in to find out more!

Length: 23 mins 31 secs

Transcript: George Michie from The Rimm Kaufman Group

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  1. SLI Systems CEO Shaun Ryan Talks with George Michie | RKG Blog Says:

    […] can read or listen to Shaun’s interview with George on AKPC_IDS += […]

  2. Daniel Says:

    Thanks for this podcast. Found it really interesting. We’re always looking for better ways to track interactions via various channels.

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